Local Missions

Becas Con Bendiciones (Scholarships with Blessings)
Becas Con Bendiciones scholarships provide basic school uniforms, gym shoes and uniforms, school shoes, basic underwear, backpacks, paper, pencils, other school supplies and a year-end party to celebrate the children’s’ accomplishments. Pastors select the neediest children in their community, regardless of church affiliation. Children who receive scholarships are eligible for support through high school if they remain in good standing. You can sponsor a child for $120/year. Sponsors receive photos and letters from the child you sponsor.

The Cathedral Center
The Cathedral Center at St. John’s Cathedral in downtown Milwaukee provides shelter on an ongoing basis for about 55 homeless women and children.  About once a month, a group of four to five volunteers from Our Lord’s meet at church at 6:00 to drive downtown and return to church by 8:30. The volunteers serve a meal to the women and children and prepare lunches for the next day. The food for lunches is provided by the center.  Our Lord’s provides the various items for the evening meal – a main dish, salad, dessert, and beverages. Members of the congregation are encouraged to sign up to provide a portion of the meal, volunteer to go and serve, or do both.

The Gathering
The Gathering is a meal program provided at 27th Street and National Avenue in Milwaukee. Four times a year, on Saturday mornings, about 12 volunteers from Our Lord’s go to set up and serve a hot meal. The volunteers may either drive directly to the meal site or carpool with others to be on-site by 9:45.  Usually the volunteers are finished by 1:30. Responsibilities at this hands-on mission include setting up tables and chairs, serving the food prepared by staff members, and cleaning up afterwards.  Coffee, fresh milk and cookies are donated by congregation members.

Jail Ministry
We deliver books and magazines to the inmate units (pods). In the jail are a total of 16 units, plus the infirmary and Special Needs sections.  Each unit has a library area or book cart, all of which are very well used. Recently a jail policy changed, and all hard-cover books, regardless of the category, have been removed from the jail library areas and none are allowed for the future.  As a result, the quantity of books we have available has been cut by about 50%. To help to replenish the jail libraries, please consider donating books. Your donated books should be paperbacks or soft covers, gently used (they get a lot of use in the jail), and be for both men and women.

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